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new line cinema
New Line Cinema

Horrible Bosses is a well done comedy that blends a plot full of fun twists with standout comedic performances, plenty of surprises, and the inability to ever become predictable. Unlike most recent R-rated comedies, this film is raunchy without truly crossing the line, profane without becoming redundant and outrageous without becoming tedious. Don't look now, but this movie is legitimately funny, and among the better comedies released this year.

The cast is hands-down the reason why this movie works. Our three leading actors Bateman, Day, and Sudeikis were solid with their performances, but not ready to promote them as the exemplary comedic performances of 2011. However, their evil counterparts were bad to the bone! Kevin Spacey is vintage villainous Kevin Spacey as the profoundly horrible Harken. Colin Farrell is the scene-stealer of all with his spectacular work as the despicable Pellitt; I am just Pellitting as it is. And my friends, I guarantee you have never seen this side of Jennifer Aniston with her hands-on deadpan performance as the Sexual Dentist the Menace Dr. Harris. Since the film gives the audience plenty of good reasons to hate these bosses, this helps to relate to the three friends' plan to murder them. What follows is their hilarious efforts to find a way to get it done without getting caught. The premise is promising and thanks to a good script, the potential is indeed delivered—although not in the ways you'd expect.

If you've enjoyed movies like “The Hangover” or “Bridesmaids”, you'll love “Horrible Bosses”. It is simply the best comedy so far this summer, and deserves to be seen in theaters. It is a not to be missed this summer film.

Rated “R’ for being crude and raunchy, for its sexual content, pervasive language and some drug material.

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