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The Debt Ceiling and
The Recalcitrant Republicans

Here is a non-conspiracy theory, but just as real. And, this isn’t just my view: The “debt ceiling” hadn’t been a big deal up until now. One or more of the Republican lessor-light zealots seized on it and tried to tie it to their favorite theme of “ deficit reduction and not raising taxes.

To me, it is very complicated: the entire financial system, our economy. Tell me the average American gets it. We don’t.

Unemployment goes up. Why? Then it goes down, The stock market goes down. Why? Some analyst claims he/or she knows. It is speculation. An economy based on consumer spending. What the f___ is that: buying things we don’t need. Some talking head says, “housing bubble” continues to be problem. Banks foreclose. People try to get loans and can't. Speculators buy up houses. Banks rather foreclose than work out morgage modifications; Greece is defaulting. Italy is in trouble. We owe China. Gasoline has gone up. It goes down. I could go on and on.

Do we honestly think average Americans in the “street” get this even if he/or she is interested? I don’t get it. And, this isn’t a putdown of the “American people”. The politicians are so fond of claiming to have their best interest at heart- NOT!!!

Politicians lose perspective, re-election is the only thing that matters while they are touting their mantra- Don’t raise taxes, don't raise the debt limit.

Unfortunately at this time, in my view, we have to listen to those who know more than we do like economists, even our President, God forbid. How about the Federal Reserve Chairman, (who does understand where we are). But, none of this makes any difference to a zealot who basically operates on the idea, “Don’t confuse me with facts, I have my mind made up.”

If I were the President, I would say to the zealots, f____ you very much and raise the debt ceiling on my own. I’ve listened to enough rhetoric to think that the Constitution gives him the power to do it. What the President doesn’t seem to get is that he is not going to get the recalcitrant Republicans to move. They are the party of “No.” They would take a chance on hurting the country in a millisecond for politics. But in some ways, I think it is much deeper. Some in the country hate the President so much that they simply have no objectivity. And, “Ha”, that is a revelation that they ever had any objectivity. Me biased? Hmmmmm

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