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movie poster for midnight in paris
Woody Allen Film

“Midnight in Paris" is a delightfully charming movie and is the best or certainly one of the best Woody Allen films in the last 10 years. It is a beautiful display of what movie magic can truly create, a sense of wonder long gone from most contemporary films. This is a movie that entertains, teaches, and spins a story that appeals to all the senses much like Paris bewitches us with every light, every street, and every beat of its music.

There's something about the midnight hour, something special, mystical, and magical. In the case of this marvelous movie, its impact is fully realized, as we see our nostalgic lead actor come to realize that he has the opportunity to face all that he truly admires, treasures, and dreams about.

A writer (Owen Wilson) and his fiancé (Rachel McAdams) travel in present day to Paris where his walk through the streets after midnight will eventually change his life. After deciding to walk alone at midnight, the writer eventually gets picked up and time travels back to Paris in the 1920s and comes face to face with such famous personalities as Ernest Hemingway, Zelda and Scott Fitzgerald, Cole Porter, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Luis Bunuel among others. After these fantasy meetings the Wilson begins to rethink his position in life and what he wants for his future. “Midnight in Paris” is one of the most magical, charming and fun movies Woody Allen has ever made. You can't help but think that Allen must have had a field day writing the screenplay and I think the results show on the screen because there's a certain charm and joy that blends into every scene and I honestly don't remember a single moment when I didn't have a big smile on my face.

Wilson perfectly nails the “Woody Allen” type character because you can believe in the naive nature of the guy although he's also relaxed enough that you can get into the story and follow it. The screenplay exudes with joy over the meetings of these famous people but Wilson really sells it with that astonished look he gets on his face when he meets these people face to face. McAdams is as charming as ever. As great as they and a very strong supporting cast are, it's Mario Cotillard who steals the film as Adriana, a mistress to Picasso and other artists and the one who really strikes it up with Wilson's character. Cotillard’s beauty and natural charm just leap off the screen into your heart and mind.

This is one of the best movies of the year so far. So don’t miss it. C'est magnifiscent !!

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