June 13, 2008
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Buffalo Soldier

I knew about Buffalo Soldiers from my military days at Fort Huachuca, Arizona. What I most liked about the book, Buffalo Soldier, was how very personal it is. I read it at one sitting and then thumbed back through my favorite parts.

The book is about one of the last Buffalo Soldiers, the author, Ollen Hunt. It is also about the great contributions Buffalo Soldiers(who have not been given adequate recognition) have made to our history and the rich life of the military.

I love memoirs and especially when they are so personally written. In this one, the author tackles issues that African American soldiers have faced with a new perspective. He tells us why the military has been so good at integration and how far they are ahead of the civilian community, even to this day, on racial issues and equality-better than any book I've seen in a long time. Very simply, the author points out that the military sees people as people and are colorless. What a beautiful way to look at it.

Ollen Hunt has lots of wisdom if this book is any indication. He was in the military during such interesting times and witnessed history, i. e., the Nuremberg Trials.

In reading the book, it affirmed what a rich life the military provides. This memoir does what a memoir is supposed to do: provide a perspective that makes the reader glad that he's in a world with an author like Hunt. I'm going to order several copies to pass along to friends. A delightful book that deserves a wide readership and thanks to Amazon for giving authors like Ollen a level playing field. KT

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