June 5, 2007
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When Bush and his team mentioned that our debacle in Iraq might well be South Korea(keeping troops in Iraq like we did in South Korea after Korean War), it was all I could do to keep from losing my breakfast.

I have resisted saying that our Leader is out to lunch, but honestly, where he gets such notions is beyond me, and I can't figure out why others who should know better about history don't jump up and say, "Are you kidding me?"

It is not about staying in Iraq that is even plausible, it is in thinking that we could replicate what happened in Korea to Iraq. This must drive anthropologists crazy-comparing the Koreans to the Iraqis on any level is ludicrous.

President Bush speaks during a New Jersey Republican Committee fundraiser at the New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center Wednesday, May 30, 2007 in Edison, N.J.(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
(AP Photo/Evan Vucci)
Koreans are a homogeneous people. Simply this means that there is culturally similarity among the Korean population. For God's sake, they only have about five or six surnames: Kim, Lee, Hwong, Yu, Pak, a few others (Kim, Lee (Rhee, Yi) and Park (Pak) make up more than half of the South Korean population). Their very nature is based in Confucianism which is mostly a philosophy.

Confucianism mostly centers around three common things: authority over subject-father is over the son, the husband is over the wife. Have you ever wondered how someone like North Korea's Kim Jong-il has been able to subjugate his people. In many ways, it is in their nature. King over subject.

South Korea, or called by its official name, Republic of Korea, is a fascinating country. The people are Buddhist, even though the largest Christian Church in the world is in Seoul. However, even Christianity is practiced with a Confucian/Buddhist flavor. South Korea has a great sense of country; and, regardless of all else practiced, at their core, they are very much alike with a national identity. (This is very simplified but basically right on.)

Iraq is a tribal country, plain and simple. Loyalty is to the tribe. They will never get past this if we stay there a thousand years. To even suggest that we can keep or maintain soldiers in that country indefinitely is about as stupid as anything I am yet to hear.

South Korea would not even exist today had not we come to its rescue in 1950. How much this plays a part in our still being there eludes me even. I have advocated for some time that it is pretty foolish to keep the level of soldiers in Korea that we have. The ROK has the absolute best ground army in the world, spare none. They are extremely well trained, disciplined, and very much a homogeneous force-they are Koreans. Consequently, keeping a Division (20,000 or so troops) on the DMZ is to me, simply not very bright.


The powers that be have long ago(to be precise, over 4 years ago) let go of a realistic view of what is going on in Iraq and what the prospects are. They seem to exist in parallel universes. The mere mention of the potential for Iraq to become another South Korea has to come from somebody on too much weed. It is the only explanation I can see. KT

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