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Memorial Day 2018
In Tribute To My Brother Raz
raz in the navy
Raz in his navy uniform

I recently saw an old concert featuring Barry Gibbs and his brothers(Bee Gees) on PBS. And then I read an interview he gave saying he was saddened by the fact that his brothers had died(Maurice and Robin) and he was not friends with them, that he did not have a good connection with them. How sad.

Even though I lived on the other side of the country from my brother Raz, I always felt we had a good connection. We would email and talk frequently . We would talk about politics, peach season, and family matters. And when we got together we would go fishing, go to the movies, and watch his favorite TV show NCIS.

My brothers and I will always be grateful to Raz because he was always there for us. When he passed, I also found out Raz helped out a lot of his former students and his community. He did many acts of kindness that no one knew about.

I was so lucky to have spent a few days with Raz in March before he died in April of 2012. At that time we told old stories and said the all important words "I love you brother" many times. And it was so great to have all the brothers together one last time. an unforgettable time with all the brothers at the Waffle House.

My brother was so special and I cherish our talks and time together.

My brother Raz was quite the character. His time in the Marines shaped his whole life. He went from the Marines back to college. He became a teacher. Got his masters. Became a school principal and then a superintendent.

It seems appropriate to remember him on Memorial Weekend and a funny story he once told me. He was in the Navy and his ship was steaming toward Pearl Harbor, I think. Some Marines boarded the ship. They told the Captain, according to Raz, “We need some more Marines. He selected 20, Raz was one of them. They really weren’t selected according to Raz, kind of like, they were all standing around. In the wrong place at the wrong time. The next year and a half, he was fighting on Guadalcanal as a Marine.

God Bless you Raz. I will never forget.

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