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Memorial Day 2018
The Ultimate Sacrifice

Email: Will be thinking of you this weekend and am grateful to you for your service to our Country. GOD BLESS and KEEP YOU ALWAYS. Much love from Dunn (NC, my hometown)

Response: Thanks, what a nice thing to say. I always think about Memorial Day, the day honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. I don't want to negate the importance of this special day, but I do think most of our soldiers died in vain.

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan were all worthless wars and, from my perspective, achieved nothing. Iraq is worse than it has ever been. We didn't even get cheap oil.

Afghanistan couldn't be helped if we stayed there for a hundred years; and, Vietnam has produced an entire generation of PTSD-suffering soldiers. Korea possibly gets a better "thumbs up" because we did save a country, even if most of them rarely acknowledge it.

But, very sad, always to me and the only usual comfort I have, is a quote from my Vietnam buddy,now deceased, Phil Woodall "They may have died in vain but they lived in honor."God bless their families. jda
Phil's quote came from Phil's book, Rhymer in The Sunset

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