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"Dragon Lady" Dies
Madame Ngo

At this very minute, I am attending a Vietnam Veteran Reunion. I am having a great time swapping war stories with my nam war buddies. Stay tuned. I will give you a sitrep(situation report) on my trip. Last night, I was discussing the recent death of Madame Ngo with a friend.

Madame Ngo,(Madame Ngo Dinh Nhu), the legendary defacto first lady of Vietnam(1955 to 1963) early on in that “sorry” war, recently died. Known as "The Dragon Lady", Madam Nago, was married to the brother of the Prime Minister Of Vietnam. The Prime Minister was a life-long bachelor. Ngo and her family lived in the presidental palace which made her the defacto first lady.

Her outspoken views always shocked as “politically correct” was not part of her persona. An example of one of her many shocking comments-When the Buddhist monks began to set themselves on fire to protest the brutality and repressiveness of her brother-in-law, the President (He had never married and was later assassinated along with Madam Nhu’s husband) "She would applaud at seeing another monk barbecue show, 'for one cannot be responsible for the madness of others'.”

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