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Nobody Dies...
Unless They Are Forgotten

Recently someone asked me if I believed in heaven. Absolutely. Why they said with no evidence? I allowed how it all had to do with faith. Then we ventured into a discussion of death. (Very delicate as this person was in a life and death struggle)

The sad thing about death is that it is so final in this life. No longer are you able to pick up the phone and call, send an email, Final/FINAL! Someone comes for treatment. They come week after week and then one day they don’t. They are gone as to this life.

Sad and it is life. What happens then, at least for me, I begin to think, not so much in sadness but how can I keep this person that I cared deeply about; how can I keep their memory alive.

For instance, my really good friend in the Army for years was this chaplain called Hal Alexander. I’ve learned a Filipino word, mahal KO. Loosely translated, I love you. I am constantly saying I love you.

Often, I say mahal KO, at least to myself and think of Hal and am so grateful that I know this phrase. It serves the purpose of me remembering my friend. “Nobody dies unless they are forgotten

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