April 15, 2007
    DON IMUS...
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Imus is a self-serving celebrity a-hole who thought that he had a license to say anything he wanted; he's in the same category as Howard Stern or Rush Limbaugh.

What amazes me more than the persona of Imus, Limbaugh, or Stern is why would anyone listen to them.

The fact that a guy like the Vice President just appeared on the Rush Limbaugh show is more appalling than anything else. When celebrities or politicians appear on their shows, Limbaugh, Stern, and Imus are given legitimacy.

What fascinates me even more, however, (as we are several days down the road on Imus) is the almost complete desertion of his so-called friends.

The only person I have seen on television defending Imus is Bo Dietl (some would say loud mouth, verbose security firm owner, frequent Imus guest, friend of Imus and Hollywood types). John McCain issued a statement in support of him.

His friends and acquaintances/or admirers were many based on the politicians and celebrities that appeared on his program. He was friendly with Harold Ford, Jr., Tim Russert, Tom Brokaw, Anna Quindlan, and on and on. Again, where were these people when times got tough?

What Imus said was terrible, but blacks say it about themselves and to each other all the time. TV shows like HBO's The Wire are full of racial slurs and curse words that are worse than anything Imus might have ever said.

I am the last person to take up for Imus, but come on, this is a bigtime hypocrisy.

Think about these two guys. Jessie Jackson fathered a child by another woman, not his wife, but is the first one to show up in front of the camera. Then there is Al Sharpton of Tawana Brawley fame. (Tawana Brawley received national attention when she was 15 years old for her claim that she was raped by six white men, some of them police officers. The alleged incident became a media sensation, championed by Al Sharpton who was making a bid to replace Jessie. There were no indictments in an investigation by a grand jury, who cited a lack of evidence, concluding she had not been abducted, assaulted, raped or sodomized).

At least Sharpton can be entertaining, but should we give Jackson or Sharpton a free pass to skewer Imus. I don't think so.

My biggest lament is that talking about Imusgate is taking away from the real issue we have in this country, mainly the war. (unless of course, the Imus saga fits right into the denial of most of the country that the war is our number one priority) KT

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