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from Relativity Media

What if one little pill could radically change your life in a spectacular way? What would you give for this miracle? It has been said that we only use 10 percent of our brain power while the other 90 percent either stores vast amounts of data/memories or is simply not used. What if you could tap into this unknown potential for heightened intelligence, potential psychic abilities and being able to recall all your memories ? “ Limitless” embraces this fantasy in a very interesting story.

It’s also an action-thriller about a writer who takes an experimental drug that allows him to use 100 percent of his mind. As he evolves into the perfect version of himself, evil forces learn of his discovery and relentlessly stalk him to get the drug. The movie begins with an out-of-work book writer Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) being dumped by his longtime girlfriend Lindy (Abbie Cornish) which confirms his belief that he has a zero future. That all vanishes the day an old friend introduces Eddie to MDT, a new and secret designer drug that enables him to use all of his brain power. Now on the MDT, everything Eddie has read, heard or seen is instantly organized and available to him. Suddenly, Eddie finishes his first book and turns life around with such fluidity that even he still can't comprehend what is happening. Needless to say, he needs more of the MDT . More leads to wealth as he plays the stock market and fame as his book is unbelievably brilliant. But there are consequences from taking and withdrawing from this drug leaving him addled with blackouts and severe headaches. With a dwindling stash of the MDT and hit men who will eliminate him to get the MDT, Eddie must stay wired long enough to elude capture and fulfill his destiny.

The problem with “Limitless” is that its concept is almost bigger than the rest of the film. The film is centered around this fantastic idea that doesn't seem to be developed to its maximum potential. The final product though isn't all bad. With an intriguing storyline, a strong performance from Bradley Cooper, and some fairly captivating cinematography, “Limitless” comes off as an above average thriller that is worth the ticket price if you’re wanting to go to the movies. Otherwise you could wait for it to come out on DVD.

It’s rated “PG-13”… only one shocking/disgusting scene involving drinking blood.

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