February 20, 2008

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Republican presidential candidate and US Senator, John McCain waves before he speaking to supporters at a rally on the morning of Wisconsin's primary, Tuesday, Feb. 19, 2008, in Brookfield, Wis.
(AP Photo/Darren Hauck)
(AP Photo/Darren Hauck)

Can you imagine this? A convicted drug user puts the bad mouth on an authenic war hero and 13.5 million people apparently agree with him. I am amazed. Yes, we are talking about loudmouth Rush Limbaugh putting the bad mouth on John McCain because he isn't conservative enough(LIMBAUGH ASSAILS McCAIN, DOLE DEFENDS HIM).

This has to be one of those "only in America" things. This is scary. Most of us know that talk radio thrives on shouting half-truths about various issues; and, unfortunately, they usually get enough non-thinkers to listen. But, 13.5 million? I don't know anyone who would admit, at least to me, that they listened to an egotistical and self-centered blowhard like Limbaugh.

Years ago when I did listen to Rush a couple of times, I was amazed that people would call into his show to be insulted. This was before I realized that it is part of the "shtick" for guys like Limbaugh, Michael Salvage, and even those like Judge Judy or Dr. Laura. Do these people who call-in go for insult training somewhere?

I will have to say, however, that Limbaugh goes beyond the pale. I, personally, wouldn't vote for John McCain because of his Iraq views, but he is a bona fide American hero. Limbaugh only exists because of our great country and it is heroes like McCain who have made it possible for those like Rush to spout off such insults.

It is like he is saying subliminally to his listeners, "Folks, can we agree, just between us, has it not been brilliant how strategically I have inserted myself in this campaign by insulting McCain?" People must listen to Rush just to drink as his rantings trough.

Limbaugh's show is carried on 600 stations and he supposedly has the nation's largest talk show audience. The guy's got an 18 karat gold microphone( has an eight-year, $285 million contract through 2009) that he uses to spew his discourse to his listeners.

Rush must be living right or something. In Florida, he had oxycontin in wheelbarrows provided by his maid and somehow skates out of going to jail. To top it off, the guy has a sleek G4 jet that he drives around the sky made possible by his big contract to shout and badmouth a hero.

If McCain were to say something like this: "Rush Limbaugh is an idiot and I'm wary of the 13.5 million people who listen to him," I might even vote for him. KT

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