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"Dog" Underwood- a peaceful man
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In Memorium_______________
Roger "Dog" Underwood
501 delta roger underwood collage

Delta Warriors:
I wanted to let you that another Warrior has headed Home. Roger Underwood, “Dog” passed away at 9:20 p.m., Saturday, January 14, 2012. Roger’s wife, Catherine, is working on the arrangements which will include military honors...
Lt. Dan Roach

I remember Roger Underwood as a peaceful guy sent into a war that tore up his soul. Always following orders faithfully, smiling, hopeful, and yet, as we all experienced to some degree, fearful of immanent death. As all of us deserve, who willing served bravely and answered to our County's call and duty as Americans to protect her, Roger risked his life daily in Nam. My regret is as many of us, we can't seem to completely heal from the emotional scars of war and seeing so many people die and maimed for life right before our eyes. Despite his scars and fears he remained a very hard-working career shipbuilder and peaceful man right to the very end. May his soul rest in peace.

Rev G P
Then Sergeant, Vietnam, class of 67-69
1/501st Infantry Battalion
101st Airborne Division

how did Roger get his nick name "Dog"...... I once asked Roger how did he get his name "Dog" he said, "mainly because of his last name - Underwood. Back in the 60's there was a cartoon series called, "Underdog" and it was from that cartoon series that Roger got his nickname ''Dog''.

A Delta Warror

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