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Feb 12 2009

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U.S President Barack Obama walks to Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base near Washington, February 10, 2009. Obama is travelling to Fort Myers, Florida, to push his administration's economic stimulus package.

by KT

It seems that the Republicans have forgotten who won the last election.This isnít business as usual. THE PEOPLE VOTED FOR CHANGE.

Our economy is tanking and even a reasonable way of life is threatened. We have a crisis and the President, who won the election on the idea of ďchangeĒ, is trying to make it happen while the Congress fiddles. Come on!

I think that the President is trying to keep the special interests from stopping the change needed. He sees what Mancur Olson said in his powerful book (which Iím now reading), The Rise and Decline of Nations. Olson's thesis is that with nations like ours, special interests gain favored status to the decline of the nation as a whole. We must resist this. Standfast Mr. President.

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