February 11, 2008
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I feel that you should know that after fighting in the 1968 Vietnam Tet Offensive in which we had the most casualties of any other period of the entire war and our Company "D" was nearly wiped out, that the following Military/National Security Suggestions are based a lot on the wisdom that I gained from my actual combat experience as an Infantry rifleman, machine gun crew, Company RTO and Chaplain's Assistant.

Please give some very very serious consideration here because already too many U.S. lives have been lost in Iraq and these suggestions need to make it to the President or at least to the Pentagon if you could deliver it to the right people or maybe just fix it up to post it on your website or ignore it completely.

You may know that in heavy combat I rescued both my seriously wounded Platoon and Squad Sergeants, including my best buddy, Doc. Evans, but who 2 days later died and I also have a few medals from having proudly served with the 101st Airborne Paratroopers, including the Bronze Star, Purple Heart, Cross of Gallantry, Air Medal, Commendations with Oak Leaf Clusters, etc, etc.

Then, I watched in total horror, dismay and shock that despite winning every battle we ever fought on the battlefields that we still lost the war in Washington D.C. all due to the politics of an ineffective government. What a grievous loss of life of my buddies all for nothing and now we find ourselves once again in the exact same situation because the current powers to be never learned from our previous government's misguided thinking and past mistakes. GP


from tet http://quibla.net/image3/Offensive_du_tet_f_vrier_68.jpeg
Some believe that if we had stayed in Vietnam and not simply left, then we could have altered the course of what happened. At this stage, I think we have to look at the big picture and what happened in Vietnam.

Vietnam today is essentially a capitalist country; ask anyone who has been there in the last ten years. The vast majority of Vietnamese alive weren't even born during the Vietnam war, and there is virtually no sign today that there was any conflict.

We don't know what or how things would have been had we not "cut and run." Would we have prevented the killing fields, etc.?" Who knows? What we do know is that more young Americans would have died.

I still think it is unconscionable that Nixon promised to get us out of Vietnam; but, once elected,he changed his mind and we lost 20,000 more Americans. We couldn't beat "Ho" over the long haul. So, what can we say about "cutting and running?"

I will have to say that I worry about the Iraq War, mainly from a soldier standpoint. The military has to be exhausted and getting more so. The difference is that with Vietnam, we had more troops; so, many of us, only went once. In the present Army, soldiers are being redeployed two and three times and this has to take a gigantic toll on them and their families.

Read the following commmentary on the lies of the TET offensive and how American policy, i.e., in Iraq is affected by the events in the Vietnam War.

The Lies of Tet

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