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Feb 04 2009

Palestinian children draw on a sheets of paper in Jebaliya, northern Gaza strip, Sunday, Jan. 25, 2009. Sheets of paper handed out by trauma counselors quickly fill with fire-spewing tanks and menacing helicopters, scenes children witnessed when Israel's war on Hamas came to their neighborhood. Psychologists say the fighting traumatized Gaza's children like none of the previous conflicts with Israel because it taught them that no place is safe.
(AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)
(AP Photo/Anja Niedringhaus)
Hate And More Hate

by kt

Sadly, there is nothing this columnist can say about what is going on in Gaza that hasn’t already been said. I’ve debated it with several, mainly my “girlfriends”- these old vets I hang out with. Their views are all over the map.

What I can’t get away from, however, is the idea that Israel had to do something. A government cannot let its people live constantly in fear. Or else, what good is a government? So, what should they have done?

Good question. I think that the Israelis should have consulted me just as the Prez should about military ideas. Just kidding. The Israeli approach was way too heavy-handed. Who has not gotten teary-eyed seeing the suffering children of Gaza?

The Israelis are smarter than this. They know they are dealing with Hamas, a terrorist entity that cares zilch for human life. They had just as soon sacrifice their own people as blink an eye and they always blame the Israelis.

Palestinian Abdullah Siam, 6, right, who came from the Gaza Strip on Tuesday sits with his mother Houda, left, at the Wolfson Hospital in the Israeli city of Holon, Wednesday, Jan. 28, 2009. Siam was brought to the medical center Tuesday to repair a hole in his heart through Save a Child's Heart, an Israel-based project that treats children suffering from cardiac problems in conflict zones or areas where medical facilities are below par. Palestinians in Gaza generally are barred from entering Israel for security reasons but some patients with severe medical conditions are granted entry.
(AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)
(AP Photo/Tara Todras-Whitehill)
Hamas, of course, came to power in Gaza through their astute favor with the people through social programs. They went from a terrorist group only to a political entity. Their propaganda machine continually cranked out hatred of Israel, understandable so.

I always think of Jazara, a classmate in college. She hated the Jews and her normally sweet spirit would transform as she told how her family had lived on the same land since Biblical times and suddenly were displaced by the Jews. Her family lost everything. Telling her that it was not the Jews, but the UN that did it, and that anyone who messes with the Jews is going to get zapped fell on deaf ears. Talk about the “nobody is home” look.

So what would I do in this impossible situation? Well, I would use all the diplomatic stops I had, which would include doing something to help the image of Israel. This will take considerable time, but the major issue is that this is a conflict that is going to last forever. It is and so accept it and involve covert military operations to interdict the tunnels and supplies into Gaza. Consider that it is training-just the way it is.

The biggest mistake thus far is that Israel has sought a military solution. It can’t be done. Consequently, pull back and begin another approach. Is this better? It is surely better than what Israel is presently doing. America would do well to take the same tack in Afghanistan. AMEN, preach on brother.

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