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Feb 03 2009

Fred Bigham:

In Memorium: On Jan. 22, 2009, Fred Bigham would have been 90 years old. He tragically died in a training accident on his way to World War II.

In Memory...
Horace Pope photo of the san francisco hills
The Hills I Love

by kt

Iím in the process of raising money for a short documentary about running the hills of San Francisco. Running is a great way to learn the City and thereís a philosophy to it. For me, it is a matter of staying in shape.

Iím convinced exercise is crucial as we grow older; everything I read confirms it. My endeavor is to run or exercise not as a chore but something I want to do anyway as part of a routine.

I choose to simply run when I have to do something- when need to do errands, run to them; go to the movies, run to it; hang out at a coffee shop, run to it. In a days time, you might actually run several times, or at least two or three.

In San Francisco, hills have to be part of the program or challenge. Trust me on this: it's a good thing. The idea with running is to get your heart rate up and ďrunning the hillsĒ is a perfect way to do it.

Thereís a way to run up hills. Pay attention here. You have to shorten your stride, and based on the steepness of the hill, the shorter the stride. What you must avoid is pulling, straining, unless that is your goal. For younger types, the strain of running up hills could be simply part of the challenge; but, for us older types, especially joggers as opposed to runners, I suggest a shorter stride until it seems almost like running on level surface; the shorter stride will also cause a better running posture.

Hereís something I do: look down, watch the pavement for safety, and donít punish yourself by simply wanting to get to the top. Concentrate on maintaining that shorter stride. If you can get to the top, it's a rush. Watch for the video on YouTube.

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