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Jan 31-Feb 02 09

Fred Bigham:

In Memorium: On Jan. 22, 2009, Fred Bigham would have been 90 years old. He tragically died in a training accident on his way to World War II.

In Memory...
Horace Pope
U.S. President-elect Barack Obama hugs Patricia Stiles, who introduced him at a departure ceremony for his whistle stop train trip at the 30th Street Station, in Philadelphia January 17, 2009. Obama began a day-long train trip to Washington in Philadelphia.
(Gary Hershorn/Reuters)
(Gary Hershorn/Reuters)
The Prez Hugs

by kt

As a rule, I pretty much thought men were not huggers, but it looks like there's a general trend toward hugging. I like it. I see more and more men hugging. I always hug. Some are a little uncomfortable with the bear hugging that I like.

If people I meet don't like bear hugs all that much, they get a semi-hug. This is a kind of upper body hug, a little akin to the Mafia hugs like on the Sopranos-a little better than the European cheek kissing, but not nearly as good as a bear hug. What also works well is a group hug. This way you can include all, whether you like them or not.

Our new President appears to be a somewhat semi-hugging type, giving an occasional "bear hug. " The best hug I've seen him give was on Vets Day with Tammy Duckworth, who lost both legs in Iraq. Also, on the night of the election, he and Joe Biden were hugging machines, hugging each other, the kids; anyone within range. What I've noticed with all the cabinet appointments is that the President shakes hands, leans into the person, and gives them a back pat. I'm calling this a semi-hug. Pretty good!

I'm involved with a group of old guys,vets, who go for the hugs. We are all into group hugs which is good especially if men are hug-phobic. Sometimes we'll hug several times in a gathering-a hug when a guy leaves early, a group hug when our meeting is over. More guys leaving leads to more hugs; then a group hugs. You get the picture.

During this economic down, especially with all the dismal news, let's get out and hug a few people. We'll all feel better for it.

Video on hugging

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