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January 30 2009

Legacy Of Kay Yow

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Kay Yow, 66, head basketball coach at North Carolina State University died Saturday, Jan 24 2009 after a twenty year battle with breast cancer.

Kay won 737 NCAA games, 4 ACC championships and an Olympic gold medal. Tribute services will be held through Saturday.

My brother Raz's first coaching job was in Gibsonville, N. C. In fact, I remember it quite well. My brother is thirteen years older than I am. At the time, I was in the 6th grade.

I went to live with Raz and his wife, Ireni, for most of a school year. My Mom was sick and it seemed to be the best option for me so I "toe the mark" and do what I needed to do. It was a good time, even if I did occasionally chafe under the discipline. And, from this aged perspective, what a wonderful charitable act theirs was.

While in Gibsonville, a youngster just a few years younger than me, Kay Yow, was already a budding athlete. My Brother recognized early on how super she was, and, in the parlance of today's speech, became her mentor. She died a few days ago.

kay yow at her breast cancer foundation event
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Kay, achieved all kinds of honors in her basketball coaching career including an Olympic gold metal, but, maybe her greatest success in life was living for over twenty years with breast cancer.

She had been battling the disease since 1987 with courage and a positive attitude that few in her situation can maintain. Eventually, however, the insidious disease took her.

Below is an email, my sister-in-law forwarded with a wonderful link of Kay's testimony to her faith. I know my brother is very sad; but, without sounding too much like a know it all preacher, she truly is in a better place and the suffering is at an end. jda

Hello, all --

Many of you know about the death of Kay Yow. When I was in college, I would go to FCA meetings with Amy in the hopes that Kay Yow would be there. When famous folks die, we usually don't know the status of their spiritual condition but I have no doubt -- from the many testimonies about her faith and my own personal take of what we knew of her -- that today she is cancer-free and in the presence of the Lord. I wanted to see if her personal testimony was published somewhere online -- especially as public as she was with her faith and I found it. I thought you guys might also be interested in reading certainly was an encouragement to me. The YouTube clip on the side of the page is also an encouragement as she talks about success from a Biblical perspective if you have 5+ minutes to watch it.
K and K Hilliard

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