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January 23 2009
US President Barack Obama signs an executive order to close the
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Best Of America

by kt

There is almost nothing left to say about the inauguration. It was, in my opinion, simply the best America has to offer. Usually I pay scant attention but, like most Americans, this year was different. Our new President was selling hope. Not in a bad way, but laced with realism.

His speech was simply superb and he hit every hot button issue-economy, world affairs,etc.- because they are real. He didn't let us off the hook either. Issues like greed and hard work and time and hope were all fixed in there together. Made me very proud.

Our new President is from a different generation. The issues aren't black and white, but class-the inequities, the lack of opportunity between the haves and have nots, regardless of race. Obviously, he has a formidable task before him. So, let's put shoulder to the wheel, lean into the wind, and bridle to the mule.

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