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January 19 2009

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President George W. Bush talks to a guest as he walks past Vice President Dick Cheney (2nd R) after re-entering the East Room of the White House to say goodbye to staff and friends after his primetime address in Washington January 15, 2009.

(Jason Reed/Reuters)

by kt

Even shoes can’t get him. What has amazed me about “W” all these years is his apparent resilence. Even with the shoe incident, he dodged it.

If you have been on another planet and didn’t hear about it, during a “W” press conference on his last visit to Iraq,an Iraqi journalist, threw his shoes at the President. “W” dodged the shoes easily. This could be a metaphor for his Presidency.

In a way, I feel a little like the “Nun” in The Sound of Music. It was the first scene where Maria is “late” again in returning to the Abbey. Maria is so Maria, she’s late, she frets over her Nun’s habit. Finally, one Nun says to the Mother Superior, I would like to say “a word on her behalf.”

In our “Brothers” memoir, there’s an story where two of my brothers go to the funeral of a “Never do well” acquaintance. The preacher is so hard on the deceased that one of my brothers is tempted to jump him and say “a word on his behalf.”

Well, I will say this on the “W” man’s behalf: In the waning days of his Presidency when he is going out of town almost “on a rail,” he has been gracious to the incoming crowd. I was appalled at how juvenile some of the Clinton staffers were: destroying property, trashing their offices, and in general, as we say in NC, “showing out.”

To see where the Bush legacy ends up will be interesting. A President in this columnist's humble opinion rarely lives up to his promises or potential. Governing is too uncertain and the world stage too daunting. Our new President has quite the task before him and already he sounds more like the President and backing up on some things. Maybe the broader picture is so vastly different than what is said during a campaign.

I think of Vietnam. Nixon made a campaign promise to get us out of Nam. He reneged and thousands more Americans died. When it was all said and done, the Vietnam ending was as inglorious as it probably would have been years earlier anyway with roughly 16,000 young American lives sacrificed as opposed to the 58,000 plus who eventually died.

We shall see. For now, for “W,” we wish him well; and, as another good southern expression goes, “Don’t let the door hit you in the rear!”

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