January 13, 2007
In Memorium: Phil Woodall

God Is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble. Be not afraid. The Lord almighty is with us. He is our refuge. (Psalms 46)

Phil Woodall
Phil Woodall was just 19 when he landed in Nam with the 101st ABN DIV

Phil passed as a result of a heart attack 1/8/2007 and will always be in my heart as the comrade that memorialized our tour in Vietnam. His book of poetry has been described as the best depiction of an infantry unit's Vietnam experience . His book "Rhymer In The Sunset" has moved me in many ways and the same can be said for his fellow survivors. He'll be sorely missed. Jon Quick

Journal 18 Feb 68

In search of brass bands and ticker tape

The mighty warriors tread

A heros might, a heros plight,

The musty tombstone read

Phil Woodall, Rhymer In The Sunset

So sad about Phil. I was the Division Chaplain in the 82d and Phil called and said, "let's go to the dedication of the wall." Too busy, etc.; he would not take a "no." I went and without a doubt, it was one of the best experiences of my life. Over the years, he was constantly doing things like this. Memphis Walker (Phil's pen name-he was from Memphis) has soared. My world will not be quite the same without Phil in it. jda

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