January 10 2008
People read and enjoy drinks at the coffee shop in the downtown Powell's Books store in Portland, Ore., Monday, June 5, 2006. Powell's Books' flagship store is so large, visitors get a map at the door.
(AP Photo/Don Ryan)
(AP Photo/Don Ryan)

Recently, I was in a bookstore behind a very attractive lady talking to the clerk about a series of books.

I chimed in with what I viewed as a logical comment, "Why don't you write your own story?" Someday I will she said.

The clerk said she was writing a novel. Here were 3 of us in line at a bookstore: Two are writers. Need I say more.

Why would anybody be in this business? I recently read that there were 291,000 new books published in the U.S. last year. In 2004 which is the most recent data, Americans spent 13.3 billion on 1.7 billion books. This seems a lot; but, then again, there are 300 million people in our country.

In the book business, if a book doesn't sell, it can be returned to the publisher. What a way to run a business!

Writers write because they have to-from those who make it big to those who sell a few hundred copies. If you are a writer, you simply have to write. There are more writers than readers; but, then again, writers are also readers. KT

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