January 09 2008
Comedian, writer and actor Richard Belzer walks with supporters and members of the Writers Guild of America as they picket outside the News Corp building in New York December 4, 2007. The writers strike, which began November 5, is now likely to persist well into 2008, turning Hollywood into a virtual ghost town as film and television production shuts down.
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton

What makes a good writer? Experience, education, luck, what? Maybe all, but the major ingredient is personality.

Simply, a writer's personality has everything to do with who they are. Experience, luck, and all kinds of other "success formula" put out in well meaning articles and "how to" writing advice may HELP some, but nothing overshadows the personality factor.

I think no collective group of dedicated human beings need encouragement more than those of us who put words on paper. For most of us, we have it in our souls; and, for years, we've been fed the well meaning same tired formulas- the idea that if you do certain things or follow particular paths, we will eventually hit it and be successful. For most of us, success equals being published.

It is not that various meaningful writing philosophies don't contribute to success, but the well meaning advice almost never takes into account the individual personality. Here's a good example from a recent "come on" advertisement that seemingly came from Writer's Digest but makes my point:

"THE SUCCESSFUL HABITS OF SUCCESSFUL WRITERS: Be inspired. You are in charge of your own success, be proactive, release yourself from the fear of rejection, be excited."

See what I mean. Even if this is helpful, doesn't mean that all of us are onto it and why- ALL WRITERS HAVE DIFFERENT PERSONALITIES. KT

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